ABN TFN registration

If you are setting up a new business it is mandatory for you to apply for an ABN or Australian Business Number. Please note: Not everyone is eligible to apply for an ABN number. In the registration process process you will be asked specific questions which you need to answer in order to qualify for an ABN.

Depending on the nature of your business you may also need to register for GST and other tax obligations. You can also register for the AUSkey and taxnotes at the same time along with registration of your business name.

If you are operating through a partnership firm, proprietorship firm, company or trust it is mandatory for you to register for a TFN or Tax Filing Number. TFN Number can be applied for at the same time of application for the ABN or Australian Business Number.

Sole Traders use TFN for dealing with ATO.

We at Artha can assist you to apply and get TFN and ABN for your business.

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