Setup company

Artha helps you to make your idea of dream business come true.
Most of the times we have a good business idea but due to lack of knowledge for setting up a new company we fall short in making our dream come true.

We in Artha, we help you to set up your business so that you may take the initial steps to ;launch your own startup business. You just need to decide on the following points to get started
You need to decide on the most suitable structure of the business based on which we can help you to set up your business firm which can proprietorship, sole-trader or a limited company.

You need to figure out the cash flow structure based on which we can help you to do the budgeting and trading forecasts.

We help you to establish a good relationship with bank, as any growing business needs a proper support from the bank.

You need to register a new Australian Business number (ABN) with the ATO, Artha helps you with that.

You need to complete registration with Australian Securities and Investments Commission

You need to ensure your company is meeting up the guidelines set by company secretariat

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