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We ensure that the tax return we lodge for you delivers the best possible outcome.

We deal with

  • Overdue/Late tax returns
  • Tax returns of clients from various industries having
    • Salaries and Wages
    • Investment Property
    • Income from Partnerships and Trusts
    • Capital Gains
  • Tax planning
  • Liaising with Australian tax office on your behalf


Rinku made the tax return process very easy and simple. I required an accountant with good knowledge around investment property tax returns and Rinku exceeded expectations. Will definitely be back next year


Glad I chose to go with Artha Tax. Rinku was very thorough and professional and gave me great advice. Will definitely be using her for my tax returns going forward.



We can help you with every aspect of your business to grow. You can have peace of mind and more time for your business and for yourself while we look after your accounting and bookkeeping work.

We are certified Xero adviser and Qualified QuickBooks Proadvisor. We offer setting up of accounts, ongoing bookkeeping and assistance in bookkeeping. We can help you in meeting your bookkeeping requirements while you spend your valuable time with your family. We do also help our clients to maintain their accounts on a weekly or monthly basis depending on their requirements. Our main goal is to provide an overall support to our clients so that they can focus on achieving the desired growth in their business.

Our services include

  • Financial Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Preparing Income Tax Return for all types of entities
  • Tax Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Setting up Company
  • BAS and IAS
  • ABN TFN Registration
  • FBT Return
  • Liaising with tax office on your behalf


I highly recommend Artha Tax accounting for your personal and professional Tax services. Rinku has been incredibly helpful and thorough maintaining my company’s reports, deadlines and lodgement responsibilities. Her knowledge, diligence and flexibility with communication makes managing my financial affairs affordable, easy and stress free!


It was quite a tough decision for me to choose the right accountant and I now know that I have chosen the perfect person. Rinku is great to work with. She is very responsive and communicates everything in great detail. Before Rinku started working on my business activity statement, she took a lot of time to understand the business model, asked questions, and communicated over phone and in person to make sure she is in the right track. I started feeling comfortable when I came to know that she is working on my project with good understanding of the business operation. I have received lot of valuable accounting advice form her which I’m in the process of implementing. I’m totally pleased with her services and will continue to use Rinku as my personal and business accountant.


Knowledgeable in accountancy requirements, set up my Xero accounting for me, very supportive


FBT return

FBT or Fringe Benefit Tax is generally levied on employers in respect for the fringe benefits to be provided by the employers to their employees. This is applicable on any activity whether or not such activity done with the intention of deriving income, profits or gains.

Following are few of the benefits which are eligible for application of Fringe Benefits
• Entertainment
• Hospitality
• Conference
• Sales promotion including publicity
• Employee welfare
• Conveyance, tours and travel
• Hotel, boarding, lodging
• Repair, running and maintenance of cars
• Repair, running and maintenance of aircraft
• Use of telephone
• Maintenance of any accommodation in the nature of guest house
• Festival celebrations
• Health Club
• Any other club
• Gifts
• Scholarship to employees’ children
• Consumption of fuel other than industrial fuel
One needs to pat FBT in advance each financial year and assessment of the same needs to be done in the later half of the year.
An employer who has paid for fringe benefits to his employees during the previous year needs to submit a return of fringe benefits in the prescribed form and produce the same to the Assessing Officer before the due date. Incase the company is the employer the due date for the same is 31st of October of any assessment year.

Delay on filing FBT will cause on levying fine of interest rate of 1% for each month.
We at Artha , we help you to file the FBT.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us at 0423666707


BAS or Business Activity Statements must be submitted to the Australian taxation Office by the scheduled due date every quarter. Failing in the submission by due date and lead to compliance related issues.

One needs to take up the initiative to do the intensive planning to schedule a monthly quarterly and yearly financial review and be prepared for every step to achieve proper financial growth.

Artha helps you to keep yourself updated with the new rules and regulations or updates on new taxation policies.

Do not wait any longer Artha (accredited professionals) immediately and take your first step toward BAS lodgement.

IAS or Installment Activity Statements are required by individuals/businesses who deal with PAYG Instalments, PAYG withholding, and/or FBT Instalments are not registered for the GST. IAS is a preprinted document issued by ATO monthly which summarizes the amounts of PAYG installments, PAYG withholding and ABN withholding.

Suggestions By Artha:
• Do keep you keep all your paper work handy and up-to-date.
• Do register your IAS statement on time, regardless you have anything to file or not.
• Plan and register your IAS on time to ensure you are not charged with any late fees.
• Do note you need to register a single copy of your IAS every reporting period.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us at 0423666707


So you’ve chosen to begin a business in Australia and investigated your market. Presently it’s a great opportunity to choose how you will enlist and set up the business. What is the best, When you drive for Uber you are not a worker. You’re a temporary worker. Here’s the reason that is essential: When you’re not a worker, you must be watchful that your duty issues are overseen effectively. That is the reason most Uber drivers should utilize a duty specialist.

From Uber themselves:
  • All Uber accomplices are self employed entities, so we don’t withhold any charges and accomplices are completely in charge of their own assessment commitments.”
The ATO’s Uber charge suggestions are straight-forward at an essential level:
  • Any cash you make driving for Uber considers pay, which means you should proclaim it on your Tax return.
  • Regardless of the possibility that you procure not exactly the $75,000 GST wage limit, as a Uber driver you have to enroll for GST. (More on that underneath… )
Setup company

Artha helps you to make your idea of dream business come true.
Most of the times we have a good business idea but due to lack of knowledge for setting up a new company we fall short in making our dream come true.

We in Artha, we help you to set up your business so that you may take the initial steps to ;launch your own startup business. You just need to decide on the following points to get started
You need to decide on the most suitable structure of the business based on which we can help you to set up your business firm which can proprietorship, sole-trader or a limited company.

You need to figure out the cash flow structure based on which we can help you to do the budgeting and trading forecasts.

We help you to establish a good relationship with bank, as any growing business needs a proper support from the bank.

You need to register a new Australian Business number (ABN) with the ATO, Artha helps you with that.

You need to complete registration with Australian Securities and Investments Commission

You need to ensure your company is meeting up the guidelines set by company secretariat

ABN TFN registration

If you are setting up a new business it is mandatory for you to apply for an ABN or Australian Business Number. Please note: Not everyone is eligible to apply for an ABN number. In the registration process process you will be asked specific questions which you need to answer in order to qualify for an ABN.

Depending on the nature of your business you may also need to register for GST and other tax obligations. You can also register for the AUSkey and taxnotes at the same time along with registration of your business name.

If you are operating through a partnership firm, proprietorship firm, company or trust it is mandatory for you to register for a TFN or Tax Filing Number. TFN Number can be applied for at the same time of application for the ABN or Australian Business Number.

Sole Traders use TFN for dealing with ATO.

We at Artha can assist you to apply and get TFN and ABN for your business.

For any queries, please feel free to contact us at 0423666707


Self-managed Superannuation Fund regulations are complex and ever-changing. Proper Accounting and administration of the superannuation fund is very important.

We offer

  • Preparation of financial statements, including operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to financial statements and minutes of the meeting of trustees.
  • Preparation and lodgement the fund’s income tax return
  • Organise for the Audit of the SMSF by an approved auditor
  • Preparation of member benefits statement
  • Provide you with detailed investments reports
  • Organise for an actuarial certificate where required
  • Liaison with Australian Taxation Office Please contact us to discuss how we can managed your self-managed superfund’s accounting and taxation needs.

Company Secretary

Being a registered ASIC agent, Artha Tax and Accounting Services can assist you in dealing with following ASIC related matters.

  • Registration of business name
  • Reservation and transfer of business name
  • Registration of company
  • Preparing agents minutes and resolutions
  • Filing annual review statement
  • Maintaining statutory company records
  • Voluntary deregistration of company
  • Apportionment or cessation of ASIC agent
  • Changes in company details including:
    • Change of company address
    • Appointment and cessation of company office holder
    • Change to members’ register
    • Changes to share structure

For consultation on the same, please feel free to call us at 0423666707

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